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      A number of new laws and regulations wil...

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      A number of new laws and regulations will affect y...

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      Yesterday, the City Health Planning Commission announced the newly revised "Chongqing rebirth service certificate management method", and will be implemented from tomorrow. Every husband and wife who has a household registration in Chongqing should apply for a reproduction service certificate before reproduction.

      According to the regulations, the couples who apply for re birth receive the real estate registration committee in the domicile area, and fill in the approval form of reproduction in Chongqing, and submit materials according to the requirements. The household register can be completed in the city for 10 working days, but it may take 20 working days outside the city.

      Once a false promise is obtained, the rebirth qualification is obtained. Once it is verified, it is written by the issuing organ in writing to inform the child that the reproduction service certificate is invalid. The social support fee has been calculated according to the highest multiple of the laws and regulations stipulated in the birth period, and the credit record has been incorporated into the social credit system.

      "Chongqing rebirth service certificate" is valid for 3 years. If it is not given birth during the period of validity, it can be reapplied according to the regulations.

      - apply for proof of the need for these materials

      The "measures" provisions of the materials such as couples, couples identity cards, marriage certificates, residence booklet and a copy of the original, the couple, the woman that marriage one inch bareheaded photo etc..

      1. remarriage should be provided with a certificate of common children, a divorce certificate and a divorce agreement or a divorce judgment and a conciliation statement.

      2. the original and photocopies of the household register should include the home page, the population increase and decrease page, the applicant's own population registration page and the child registration page, or the medical certificate.

      3. is the city's household registration by the residents committee, villagers' committee or the domicile of the legal person units issued proof of marriage and child rearing situation, the household registration is outside the city by the village committee, the domicile of the residents committee and Township People's government issued by the office of the streets, proof of marriage and child rearing situation.

      4., if we apply for child reproduction on the grounds of children's disability, we should provide medical and expert conclusion of the disabled children in the municipal or district or county (Autonomous County) health and Family Planning Commission, and the conclusion is consistent with the reproduction condition.

      Newspaper reporter Wang Shan

      The minimum payment standard of social security in 2016 is 3105 yuan

      Newspaper news (reporter Luo Xuemei) yesterday, the Municipal Bureau of people's society issued the annual average wages of workers in the city's urban economic units in the last year of 2016. The notice made it clear that the average wage of the workers on duty in the city's urban economic units in the last year of 2016 was carried out by 62091 yuan (5175 yuan / month).

      The basic payment, basic medical treatment, unemployment, work-related injury and birth insurance of five social insurance units of urban workers are the sum of the personal payment base of their employees. The personal payment base for employees is the average monthly salary of the previous year. The average wage of workers insured last year I month higher than the average monthly wage of workers is 300%, according to 300% of the approved payment base; on my annual average monthly wage is less than the city average monthly wage of workers is 300%, higher than the average monthly wage of 60%, according to the annual actual month average wage approved payment base; the average wage of the insured the worker year I month lower than the average monthly wage of workers is 60%, according to the 60% approved payment base.

      This year, the basic pension insurance for urban employees, basic medical insurance for urban workers, unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance and maternity insurance are 2016 yuan, the highest monthly payment base is 15523 yuan, and the lower limit is 3105 yuan.

      The monthly payment base for the personal insurance personnel who participate in the basic old-age insurance of the urban employees with their personal status is chosen by myself according to the 60% to monthly average wage of the workers in the city in the past year, namely the upper limit is 5175 yuan, the lower limit is 3105 yuan.

      This adjustment of the basic and lower limits of social insurance payment for urban workers will be carried out from January 1, 2016.

      A full-time wife asks how to get a pension

      Newspaper news (reporter Luo Xuemei) yesterday, the Jiangbei District People's Bureau held the public consultation on the Guanyin Bridge pedestrian street. Zhu Houhong, deputy director of Municipal Bureau of human resources and social affairs, said: "the labor contract law is a model. Signing a contract in the same unit and signing the third time must sign a fixed term contract, that is, you are the long-term employee of this unit." However, some enterprises, on the basis of the model of the national labor contract, increase the terms of the two parties and try to avoid the responsibility. Zhu Houhong said, the increase of the model outside the agreement, because it is illegal, the two sides once the dispute, the illegal part even if both sides signed invalid.

      "There are some people who do not know before pregnancy complications and hospitalization may be reimbursed, or for the preparation of the wrong, such as participating in Jiangbei District, in Yuzhong District, but the unit is in Jiangbei District through the talent market insurance, you should record in Jiangbei District, instead of case in Yuzhong district." People in the Jiangbei District People's Bureau said that. Some full-time wives have also consulted on how to get a pension. According to the current policy, never work, because there is no working age, so can not be paid in one time, only by annual payment, the minimum need to be paid over 15 years.

      The person in charge of the law office of the Municipal People's social office said that the unemployment insurance Ordinance has been amended. The revised version is expected to be released in the year, and the direction of revision is rate, payment purpose and so on. Our city has also launched a pilot program for unemployment insurance payments. The unemployment insurance premium after re employment is still available for a single time to get the rest of the system, so as to encourage and promote employment by utilizing the surplus balance of unemployment insurance.

      One child parent honor certificate new regulation July 1st implement eligible husband and wife can obtain reward

      Yesterday, the City Health Planning Commission announced the newly revised "Chongqing only child parents honor certificate management method", began to implement in July 1st. At the same time, the following conditions can be applied to the "one child parent's glory certificate": Chongqing's household registration, marriage registration according to law; before the implementation of the comprehensive two child policy, the husband and wife shall legally.


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